Compost Maintenance

Food is going to rot, no matter what.  

But you should help it.

Doing it right ensures that you’ll produce good soil quickly with less smell!


  1. proper balance of material- there is an ideal ratio of carbon and nitrogen levels that
    photo courtesy of

    will allow for efficient aerobic conditions (NRDC.ORG)

    1.  TWO parts BROWNS to ONE part GREENS

      1. Browns = shredded newspaper, dead leaves, napkins
      2. Greens = food scraps
  1. Turn your pile with a shovel
    1. weekly in the summer
    2. every 3-4 weeks in winter
  1. After each layer
    sprinkle some good garden soil on top
  2. water it! compost should always be slightly damp

THE GOAL = dark soil with a musty smell and no identifiable items

photo courtesy of Hammond Farms

What to do with your finished compost soil : sprinkle around garden, mix it in with potting soil, use as a top dressing for your lawn


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