Where do I put it?

How you set up your compost space depends on your living situation.  The main issue is yard space. You have to be careful that the space allows for proper breakdown(space and temperature) and also will not produce a smell that disturbs your neighbors or attracts rodents and animals! 

If you live in a…

  1. home with substantial yard
    1. build a compost bin
      1. ex) fence off 3’x3’x3′ area and start throwing scraps directly onto ground
    2. buy a compost bin
Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 3.48.08 PM.png
Compost Tumbler ~$100


DIY Compost Bin
  1. CITY / NO YARD : composting is tricky for you.
    1. buy a small enclosed compost
    2. research your county waste management to see if they have a compost drop off location – if so, make sure your scraps are travel-safe and drop them off!
    3. check to see if there’s a close-by community garden with a compost area.
    4.  If you’re feeling extra motivated : contact leaders to petition for composting to become a part of your county’s waste management system.
      Toronto : all households receive a green compost bin that is emptied weekly with the trash and recycling!




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